Kumara parvatha trek

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Location                                                                       Dakshina Kannada (District) > Karnataka (State) > India (Country)
Distance from Bangalore  280 Kms
Trek starting point Kukke Subramanya Route
Trek difficulty Level Difficult
Kumara Parvatha trek distance

13 KMS(Oneside)

Kumara Parvatha peak height 1712 Mts
Time to trek 8-10 Hours (one side)
Camping site Allowed, Only near buttaramane or Near Forest office 
Best time to trek Oct to Feb
Permission Required, should be taken forest office
Trekking fees Trekking Fee- Rs350
Contact Number

Battaramane* - 9448647947 (For food and Accommodation) 

Alternate numbers to battramane : 9480230191, 9945618495, 9480527765. 

Mr. Abhilash (Forest Guard) : 9611930366, 6363500904

Mr. Jayaraj( Retired Forest Guard)*: 9449475506, 9141226784


*update credit :Vinay Gudiyavar 

If you are serious trekker then surly you wont pollute trek trail, If you are  not serious trekker then please dont go for a trek and pollute trek trail, There are many places in your city to spend time. Avoid carrying plastic and alcohol, Its hard to clean pollution made by you.
Information in detail:

Kumara parvatha is second highest peak in Coorg district (Karnataka state) after Tadiandamol peak. Trekking starting point is Kukke Subramanya. Famous Kukke Subramnay temple is located in Subramanya village. 

Location and trek trail on google map:

Kumara parvatha trek starting point :

Getting to trekking starting point is very much easy. Overnight bus journey to Kukkesubramanya. If you are going by private vehicle then its 6hrs drive(280 Kms). Trek starting point is a temple road. Take right in temple road. 


AIRAVAT (VOLVO AC) : Timings-22:45,23:14 Journey Hours:06:28 RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE: Timings - 21:04,21:29,21:59,22:29,23:01 Journey Hours:08:00 KARNATAKA SARIGE: Timings - 20:17,21:17 Journey Hours - 08:15 

* updated in June 2013  

Kumara parvatha trek route  :
Trek can be logically divided into 4 stages
Stage 1 : Trek starting point (Kukke temple) to Battara Mane
Stage 2 : Battara Mane to Kallumantap 
Stage 3 : Kallumantapa to Sheshaparvatha
Stage 4 : Shesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha Peak 

Kumara Parvatha Trek Route (side View)



 Stage 1 : Trek starting point (Kukke temple) to Battara Mane:

Kumara Parvatha trek route inside forest

Trek starting point is from Kukke temple. Initial trek is easy on wide road till forest. In stage 1, you trek inside forest. Water is not available any where in between. You will find zig-zag trail which indicates that you are there at the end of forest. After exit from forest till Battara Mane trek trail is relatively easy. Total length of this stage - 1 is 5.5 KMS. Time required to trek is about 3 - 4 hours. You can get basic food and water in Battara Mane. You can fill your water bottles if its empty. Restroom is available here. on this trail after Battara mane no rest room available.

Stage 2 : Battara Mane to Kallumantap :

Kumara Parvatha trek route till Peak - A

Inital part of stage-2 trek is easy not much to ascend. After battra mane you will come across one view point where you can relax bit. You will find forest office just after first view point. You enter your name in register and pay Rs 200 per person. Getting permission is not much difficult. You can fill your water bottles if its empty.Very soon you will come across second view point. After this trek trail become little steeper. Trek length of this stage is about 2.5 kms. Time required to trek stage 2 is about 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Kallu mantap is place for break. Just before Kallu mantap you will find water. If your trek pace is very slow and if you reach Kallu mantap by 4 pm then it its better to camp at this place. Near to water stream you will find flat place to camp.

Stage 3 : Kallumantapa to Sheshaparvatha:

Trek route from Peak-A to Kumara Parvatha Peak

Stage 3 is most difficult part of whole trek. Its only because of steepness of the trail. You will gain lot of altitude during this stage. If you are trekking in summer then this part will be very difficult one. You will come across couple of small flat trail stretch in between. Distance of this stage is about 3 kms. Time required to trek is about 2.5 - 3.5 hours.

Stage 4 : Shesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha Peak:

Relatively easy trek trail if you compare with previous stage. You will descend bit and trek trail goes inside forest. You will find water stream inside this forest. This will be there till end of Dec or Jan. After Jan water stream will dry up, even if you find water that will be stagnant water. So please confirm in forest office about availability of water if you are trekking after December. Distance of this trek trail is about 2 kms. Time required to complete this stretch will be 1 - 2 hours.

Trek route can be better understood using color coded trek trail map  :

Kumara Parvatha Trek Route(Top view)


Bus stand to "trek starting point" is about 1 KMS, Initial trek is on tar road which is marked using brown color. Distance between "trek starting point" and "foothill of the forest" is about 1.5 Kms where you will find "Trek Information Board".  Actual trek begins from the information board. This stretch is marked using "green color" in above map. This stretch is completely inside forest. This trek trail is bit difficult. You require good amount of energy to cover this. It will be better if you cover this stretch in early morning, total length of this stretch is about 2.5 KMS.

The "blue line" represents stretch between "just after forest" and "Battara Mane".    This stretch length is about 1.2 KMS. This is bit easy. From here you will get first glance of Kumara Parvatha peak.

Battaramane is best place for break, you will get lunch in Battaramane. Lunch consist of Rice, Sambar, pickle and butter milk. You can take rest for some time here.

Next stretch is marked with "yellow line" in above map. This is stretch is between Battaramane and "forest office". This stretch is also easy. Length of this stretch is about 0.5 Kms. In Forrest office you required to pay trekking fees . Per person you need to pay Rs 75.  

Next stretch is marked with "purple color" in above map. This is stretch between forest office and "Kallu Mantap". Length of this stretch is about 2 Kms, This stretch is bit difficult. You will find two view points on the way.  Just before "Kallu Mantap"  there is source of water. Camping this place is better option. You will find water, wood for campfire and bit flat surface for camping.

Next stretch is between "Kallu Mantap / Chappara" and "Peak" which is marked using red color in above map. Length of this stretch is around 5KMs. This is very difficult part of trek. Elevation may vary from 45 - 60 degrees. At the peak small shiva temple is there. There is lot of space on the peak. Only thing you should make sure that need to carry sufficient water along with you. There is small water stream near to the peak, but most likely you wont find this water stream in summer. Better to carry water from stream near "Kallu Mantap / Chappara".

Kumara parvatha trek difficulty: 

In route map trek path is represented in different color. Initial route is represented in brown color. This stretch is easiest one. Its on tar road. Next stretch is in side forest which is represented in green color. Green color stretch is difficult one because you will gain more altitude in this stretch. Next stretch is represented in blue color which between forest and Battaramane. This stretch is easy. Yellow color represents color between Battaramane and Forest office which is aslo easy. Stretch between Forest offce and Kallumatap is difficult which is represented in purple color. After Kullumantap trek will be very difficult until peak is represented in red. Overall trek is Difficult one. 

Kumara parvatha trek distance::

Subramanya temple road(Trek starting point) --  1.5Kms --> Forest starting point -- 2.5Kms --> Forest end point -- 1.2Kms --> Battaramane -- 0.5Kms --> Forest office -- 2Kms--> Kallucheppara -- 5Kms --> Peak . Total length is about 12.7 Kms i.e approx 13 Kms

Time to trek Kumara parvatha : 

Subramanya temple road(Trek starting point) --  1/2 hrs --> Forest starting point -- 2 hrs --> Forest end point -- 1/2 hrs --> Battaramane -- 1/2 hrs --> Forest office -- 2 hrs--> Kalluchappara -- 3hrs --> Peak . Total time required to trek is about 8.5 hrs + lunch break for average trekker.  So approx time is vary between 8-10 hours 

Best time to trek  Kumara parvatha Hill :

You can trek all arround year. Best time for trek will be post monsoon months. October to February will be best time to trek. If You are planing to trek in March, April and in May then it will be very difficult to trek. Best thing you can do if you are trekking in summer is to start your trek very early in the morning around 6 AM. If you are trekking In Monsoon then avoid your trekking in heavy rains. It will be very had to do camping in heavy rains. Check out weather forecast before you start trekking in monsoon. 

Getting Permission for trekking : 

Its more like formality. You need to enter your address and contact number at Forrest office which is on the way to peak. Forrest office is there .5 Kms from Battaramane. You Required to Pay trekking fees over here.              

Kumara parvatha Camping sites:

Kumara Parvatha trek is famous because it offers you plenty of camping sites. Some of them are listed bellow.

  1. Near to forest office there are two view points, You can camp there, You can get water from Battaramane or from forrest office.
  2. Near to Kalluchappara : It is better place because you will get water here. It is also nice place o watch sunset from this place.Not allowed now
  3. Near to the forest after Shesha Parvatha : You will find flat surface for camping. Water available in post monsoon months only - Not allowed now
  4. Kumara Parvatha peak : On the peak itself. Plenty of space there to camp at peak. Water is not available. You must carry sufficient water to camp hereNot allowed now
Friday :
    • Board bus to Kukke Subramanya from Majestic, Bangalore @ 23:14 PM
Saturday :
    • 6.15: Reach Kukke Subramanya 
    • Get fresh up in Public toilet near Temple road.
    • Get Packed break fast from near hotel
    • 7.00 AM :Start trekking from temple road @ 7 AM(It will be great if we start 7 AM)
    • Have packed breakfast in middle
    • 11.00 AM :Reach Battara Mane ( 5 KMs from starting point) 
    • Have lunch and take rest.
    • 12 noon: again start trek
    • Trek .5 KMS reach forest office and get permission
    • Start your Actual trek from here :) 
    • Reach peak by 5PM - 6PM.. 
    • Pitch tents.. and sunset, prepare food, fire camp and sleep
Sunday :
    • 6 AM : Sunrise 
    • fresh up, have breakfast. spend some time 
    • 9.30 AM : start  your trek
    • 12.30 PM : reach Battaramane have lunch
    • 2.00 PM: start your trek 
    • 6.00 PM : reach Kukke Subramanya
    • Check in to Lodge and get fresh up(If required)
    • Visit temple and have dinner.
    • Board bus to Bangalore
    • Reach Bangalore by 5.30 AM



Kumara parvatha trek Photos: 

Kukke Subramanya Temple. Hill behind the temple is Shesha Parvatha. Kumara Parvatha is behind Shesha Parvatha

On temple road you will find public rest room. You can fresh up here

Initial trek path, Just after Temple road

Kumar Parvatha trek



Bhimana Bande

Kumara Parvatha peak


Trekking trail just after forest

Trek route : take left for Battara Mane.. Take right for Kumara parvatha peak


Bhattara mane

Lunch at Battaramane

Rest room at Battaramane

First View point

Closer view : Kumara Parvatha

Kallu Mantapa

Trek route after Kallu Mantapa

After Kallu mantapa trek trail becomes steeper Next Target : Shesha Parvatha

Kumara Parvatha peak view from Shesha ParvathaKumara Parvatha Peak 

Shiva temple at the peak


Camping Options :

Only allowed near battaramane or near forest office

1) Near to the Kallu Mantapa: (Not allowed now)

Camping Near to Kallu Mantap

 2) Inside forest just after Shesha Parvatha  (Not allowed now)
Camping inside forest just after Shesha parvatha 3) Camping at the Kumara Parvatha Peak  (Not allowed now)

Camping site at the Kumara Parvatha Peak


Clicks from Kumara Parvatha Peak: 

Clouds and Clouds

Sunrise seen from KP

Colorful World !!!




 update from Manjunath Manju  Jan 1, 2018

           Finished trek on Jan 1st, 2018. Just an update for people who travel,

1) Camping is only allowed at - Forest Office, near by to Bhatramane, and View Point.
2)No campfire is allowed
3) If you want to cook something, you can oly at forest office. (if you camp near by to Bhatramane, you can go cook at forest office and come back to camp. Walkable distance)
4) Carry sufficient cash - Bhatramane 1meal is 120RS, forest entry 350RS each.
5) Drinking water is only available at Bhatramane and a small stream before Kallu Mantapa. (so Carry plenty when leaving from forest office)
6) Carry torch light
7) Wear good shoes suitable for trekking. (Lots of Rocks, will damage normal shoes)

update from Anup Roa on 6 Jan 16

"Did the trek uphill and downhill from Somwarpete side on 2nd January 2016 with a team of 10 from Bangalore. Found it moderately difficult from that side. The initial plan was to trek uphill from Somwarpete side, camp at peak overnight and then trek downhill towards Bhattara mane > Kukke. Sadly, the camping is no longer allowed at Kumara Parvata peak. We learned this bitter truth from the forest officials and also the many stickers and banners stuck near the base of the mountain. So we had to keep our camping gear at the forest office and take only the food/water with us. Although the load had become light, our hearts had become heavy. It had become quite late in the afternoon by the time we reached the peak. So we decided already to return back to the Somwarpete side downhill. We had to satisfy our camping dreams by putting up the tents near the forest office at the Somwarpet side. The camping site is quite high in altitude and very windy. Pictures from our trek :


Duration of uphill trek from Somwarpete side --> 3.5 hours
Duration of downhill trek from Somwarpete side --> 2.5 hours"

update from : sharathkumar.rb on 29 Dec 15

"Forest officials are not allowing to pitch tents on peak. I did the trek on 24th Dec, while entering itself forest officials will tell pitching tent will invite fine & confiscation of tents. They also charge 200 per tent as deposit, if we fail to report back at forest office, deposit will not be returned & tent will be confiscated. 
I started from Somwarpet side, trekked to peak & down to bhattara mane on the same day. Pitched tent near bhattare mane & reached kukke next day. It was around 7 PM when I reached Bhattara Mane. Some people reached bhatta
ra mane at around 10:30-11 PM!
So take caution before planning this trek. One has to trek up & down same day from bhattara mane which is back breaking for some. Carry only water & snacks, leave all other stuff at bhattara mane or forest office. 
So people who want to do this trek have two options : 
- Trek to bhattara mane, relax there, spend night there by pitching tent at nearby paddy field. Wake up early next morning, leave heavy stuff at bhattara mane, trek to peak as fast as possible, trek back to bhattara mane & then to kukke. 
-Start from somwarpet side, trek to peak, trek down to bhattara mane, stay there, then reach kukke next day. 
*trekking up & down both through somwarpet side is a waste, trek through bhattara mane is more scenic. 
*I don't know how forest officials will react if we pitch tent at top, they might end up with fine or confiscate tent or demand more fine or bribe 
*the place is heavily crowded these days, bhattare mane was like dining hall of a convention centre, in 2 days, I saw nearly 500 people on the trek route.


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